ATTENTION! Medical breakthrough! New way to treat "BUNIONS" without surgery, in just 1.5-2 months!

The problem of hallux valgus foot deformity (commonly known as bunions of the big toe) affects over 40% of the female population. We proved this by conducting a brief 10 minute survey.

Let's look at the screen:

Out of the four women surveyed, only one stated that her feet do not hurt.

As statistics show, for over half of the patients, the disease finally ends in surgery. But medicine is continuously advancing, and we already have a new method to truly solve this serious problem.

To tell us about this newly developed solution, please welcome Dr. Michael Simmons, Professor of Medical Sciences, Head of Department for Traumatology and Orthopedics in the Center of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery.

Dr Michael Simmons
Professor of Medical Sciences, Head of Department for Traumatology and Orthopedics in the Center of Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery

Hello! Yes, you are right. This area of medicine has experienced a revolutionary break-through. But first, let me tell you how foot deformities were treated before this discovery. Generally speaking, there were only two ways: physiotherapy and surgical intervention. The former, more forgiving method was extremely ineffective.

Even if treatment was started during the early stages of the disease?

That is correct. The main problem is that any kind of narrow footwear, high heels, or other forms of stress only make your feet worse. But the root cause is heredity, an increased risk due to genetic factors. In other words, it runs in the patient's family. So how can physiotherapy help in this case? It practically can’t.

The second way: surgical intervention. There currently exist about 400 surgical methods for the front part of the foot. Oftentimes, these surgeries employ bolts, plates, and brackets. These are made from special medical grade titanium. The point of the procedure is to remove the problematic growth, then straighten the deformed toe back into its normal position (and the patient is sedated, of course) with the help of special bolts and plates. The surgery, as you can guess, is long, painful, with frequent complications.

And the patient wears these metal plates for life?

Yes. It isn't very comfortable, of course. For example, when they're boarding a plane, or even a train nowadays. It'll cause metal detectors to go off. But most importantly, often the pain doesn't go away completely. After all, the plates are still foreign objects inside the body.

What's different today? How can we fix these kinds of foot deformities without surgery?

Yes, this is our patient, a woman of 45 years who was among the first to try our new treatment method. She is the first to be successfully treated without surgery to remove 4th stage foot deformities. Our center developed a specialized treatment to combat foot deformities, a gel called "Valgorect". The main idea is that mineral deposits which cause deformation dissolve under the influence of the gel, and the joint returns to its original position.

There is no need for supplementary therapies like orthopedic fixators, soles or platforms. Likewise, there is no rehabilitation period, and the patient immediately returns to their normal daily routine.

I want to emphasize (and this is important), that the product doesn't cause any pain or side effects. On the contrary, due to its analgesic action, it relieves inflammation. The patient already feels relief within the first 24 hours.

And, as we can see, the method is very effective. Let's look at the screen:

Before correction

After correction with the help of "Valgorect"

Yes, these are the feet of one of our patients. She underwent treatment for 3 months, but her case was advanced. Usually, from my experience, 1.5-2 months is enough. Sometimes, it's even less than a month.

From what you've said, treating bunions using the "Valgorect" gel is not complicated. And patients can apply it by themselves?

That's right! This product was designed to be used by patients at home, without causing disruption to their daily lives.

Last question, Dr Simmons. Where can we acquire the aforementioned "Valgorect" gel?

Gel "Valgorect" has recently passed the required national product certification, and can now be purchased on the official manufacturer's website.

On this note, we end our interview. Take care of yourself!

We would be interested to know your opinion.

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Lydia (London, UK)

I know about Valgorect gel from personal experience. Used it to get better myself. I wanna add what they've regrettably forgotten to mention in the interview: that there are plenty of fake products out there. For instance, before I bought the real "Valgorect" I managed to come across a useless "corrector", which supposedly helped with "BUNIONS" on your feet. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING SIMILAR! IT'S COMPLETELY USELESS!

Helen (Washington)

Excellent product! I used to wear only shapeless loafers, or better yet soft house slippers. Been using the gel Valgorect for two months already. Now I go shopping with my daughter and buy any shoes I want.

Sarah Taylor (Boston)
My toe joints started to hurt. My mom's feet are in terrible condition, with all toes "pointing inwards". I was scared to have the same thing happen to me, so I bought this gel. Now I can wear my favorite footwear: shoes, boots, platforms, with any heel. No more pain or discomfort!
Anna (San Francisco)

I'm a ballerina (not a famous one, but fairly well-known around here). To appear at my best \and truly shine\ on stage takes one hell of an effort from me. Recently, I couldn't even stand on my toes due to deforming feet. For some of you the lumps are purely an aesthetic discomfort, but for me they meant the end of my career. I found out about Valgorect by sheer luck - I saw my colleague with it. I asked her, and she told me all about it. She even gave me some to try. To be honest, I didn't expect such dramatic results. To think that I was seriously considering quitting ballet for good...

Sunshine (New York)
Thank you to the creators of this wonderful gel and the authors of this interview, that hey've \ brought this problem into light. There isn't much info on valgus. My feet hurt too, and I've tried everything including surgery, but it all came back to square one. I'll start trying this Valgorect gel, thanks for the idea.
Katie Turner (Wellington)
My \bunions\ are hereditary! It's the same with my mom and grandma. Bought this orthopedic gel - it's really, really good! If I need to go somewhere and spend a long time in narrow dress shoes, I feel a huge difference! Now at least my feet don't swell or bother me anymore.
Emma (Toronto)
When I was younger, I used to work as a secretary for a prestigious company. And, like all girls back then, I tried to be the most stylish. And what's so pretty about girls? That's right, their legs. Short skirt, high heels, fancy perm, and loads of makeup. Only now I understand how stupid I looked. But back then, I used to run up and down the stairs in stilettos. It brought me to the point where I had to wear slippers in my 40s. I applied heat, compresses, various herbs. Nothing helped. When I bought Valgorect, I'd already given up hope that anything would help. Surprisingly, I feel better now than I did 10 years ago.
Angela (Miami)
I recommend the gel Valgorect to everybody. I saved me from a horrific surgery! My feet are alright now.
Valerie (Edmonton)
I'm a waitress who's always on her feet. Blouse, skirt, and heels are the dress code. Every day, I work from 16 til three in the morning. The stress on my legs shows. Bunions appeared, feet started to hurt. I ordered Valgorect. Up until I tried it, I considered leaving my job. Yet I needed to pay my way through uni. Moral of the story: If it wasn't for this cream, forget about education - I'd be living on the streets.
Marie (Toronto)
I'm 50 and could barely walk, too. When I was young, I didn't think about these awful consequences. The bunion grew so much that my foot couldn't fit into any shoe. It hurt so much that I couldn't even wear slippers at home. Once, I went shopping for shoes, but none of them would fit me. I burst into tears, causing the saleswoman to walk over and ask me what's wrong. I told her how much I've been suffering from foot problems, and didn't know what to do anymore. She recommended me the gel Valgorect. She said that she used to have the same problem, but now can wear-toed shoes again. I believed her, came home, and placed my order. It worked! Highly recommend.
Sandra (Hamilton, ON)
As for me, I even underwent surgery about 10 years ago. It was alright at first, then everything started up again. Bunion hurts, lump grows, can't walk. Tried searching the internet for advice, but the suggestions I found were completely ridiculous. Some suggested using eggs, others salt. Didn't want to get under the knife again. Came across Valgorect, tried it, and it helped.
Irene Brennan (Vancouver, BC)

Word of warning: Various online stores have started to sell fake creams. My friend got scammed like this. She ordered a cheaper product, which had no effect even after 3 months of use. I ordered mine on the official website half a year ago. I felt the effect after only a week. My pain went away after a couple of hours. Here's my result:

And those who say there's no effect have most certainly bought a fake!